Brew Guide | Chemex



  • Coffee: 35g
  • Hot Water: 600g
  • Water Temp: 200-205º F
  • Grind: Medium Fine – think Kosher salt
  • Brew Time: 3:30-4:00
  • Yield: 20oz

1. Prep

Place the Chemex Filter in the brewer with the multiple folds facing the spout and the single fold facing away from the spout. Rinse the filter with hot water – this preheats the brewer and removes any paper flavor from the filter. Dump the rinse water.

2. The Bloom

Add your freshly ground coffee to the filter. Give it a light shake to settle the coffee grounds and create an even bed of coffee. Start your timer and gently pour 70 grams of water, trying your best to saturate all of the grounds.

Note: This is called the ‘bloom’ because when water first hits the grounds, any gasses that are held in the coffee are released. This process causes the bed of coffee to rise – or bloom. The fresher your coffee is, the more gas it has, and the larger your bloom will be. As a rule of thumb, you want to add roughly twice the amount of water as coffee during the bloom, that’s why we’re adding 70g of water to begin.

3. Add more water

Once your timer hits 45 seconds start adding more water. Gently pour water in a circular motion. Avoid pouring close to the edges of the filter. Bring your over all water weight up to 350g.

4. More Water!

At 2:30 bring your water weight up to 600g. Once again, use a gentle circular pour while avoiding the edges of the filter. Your brew should finish roughly between 3:30-4:00 minutes.

Note: Don’t panic if your coffee brews faster or slower than this! If your coffee brews faster than 3:30 it is possible that your grind setting was too coarse, allowing the water to flow through quickly. Alternatively, if your coffee takes longer than 4:00 to brew, your grind may have been too fine. Either way, take note and adjust your grind the next time you brew.

5. Serve & Enjoy!

Remove the filter and enjoy!